Ageing and Toxicology Research: Current Issues and Applications

Liana Dedina


Two fields of modern research are discussed in this review article: Ageing and Toxicology. Ageing has been the subject of many studies, including those of neurodegenerative diseases. More often than not, it is a homeostatic alteration in body’s normal metabolic function that underlies the process of ageing. Comparatively, the study of toxicology explores the detrimental effects of chemical agents on the body. However, the research areas of ageing and toxicology are not completely independent of each other. This review article examines the connections between the two fields, and the current issues in the subject areas. Additionally, an overview of ageing theories is provided, with the focus on ROS-derived effects in toxicology. Also, the use of animal models and relevant techniques are discussed as a means of future treatment and prevention enhancements. After all, it is a complex mesh of molecular pathways that unites toxicology and ageing and gives prospect to new discoveries.


Ageing; Toxicology; Ageing Theories; ROS

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